People are the main resource for providing quality

Constantly improving yourself, questioning yourself, knowing how to rise to every type of challenge… and never giving up. This is Pastificio Rana’s approach to its human capital; a human capital in which each person’s accumulated skills and knowledge go hand in hand with the core values that have always epitomized the company since its beginnings.

“For me, the income statement is helpful because being a market leader creates the right conditions for us to make choices that help it grow”, Gian Luca Rana points out. “It is a practical tool that enables people to cultivate their own aptitudes and fulfil themselves through their work and their abilities.”

Identifying talent and creating know-how for the company:

“The greatest challenge is therefore spotting talent and increasing skills, giving people a chance to grow within the company”, Gian Luca continues. “More than anything, Rana’s history is made up of people, of their passions and love for their work: these are the key elements in Pastificio Rana’s success”.

And this goes beyond the company itself. “Creating know-how”, Gian Luca notes, “means creating value and opportunity not just for the firm, but for society as a whole, for people and their families, for the future of all”.

In this respect, Pastificio Rana presents itself as an institution that aims to make a positive contribution to community development, starting with its home country and extending to those countries where it has established production plants or sales outlets.

The challenge of internationalization:

The international dimension has not prevented Rana from continuing to develop “its passion for quality”. Entering new markets has in fact required great capacity and dynamism in order to devise ranges of products that suit the target country, while still retaining quality as the common denominator.

For this reason, Gian Luca Rana, together with Gruppo Rana’s innovations team, devotes himself every day to discovering new solutions and processes capable of amazing and satisfying consumers throughout the world.

The greatest risk a company can run, moreover, is resting on its laurels, no matter how strong its position may be in terms of guaranteed income. For this reason, the pursuit of quality takes pride of place in Pastificio Rana and is the driving force that has enabled the company to win a place on the dining-tables of so many families in Italy, Europe and elsewhere.